Laborers are involved with most phases of the construction industry. They work with scaffolding, soil compaction, transit and level trenching and shoring, traffic control, air tool operation and many other assigned tasks.

The laborer must have a common knowledge of all work performed by building trades people, for he or she is the tender or backbone of the industry. The laborer is called upon to operate and maintain power tools such as the power grinder, chipper, tamping machine, concrete vibrator, chipping hammer, pavement breaker, jackhammer, crawler drills, welding, cutting, and burning, burning bar, power curber, laser beam, laser tracking level, laser beacon, hydraulic shoring, sod cutter, power buggy, shy genie, trenching machine, asphalt screed, demolition and the use of explosives, cribbing and sheeting, traffic control, all aspects of concrete and asphalt construction, etc.

Working conditions

The laborer is required to work under undesirable and sometimes hazardous conditions such as extreme heights, and also depths hundreds of feet underground on subways, tunnels and storage reservoirs. He or she must be in good physical condition to perform the work of the trade, take pride in performance, realize his or her responsibilities to fellow workers and employer, and have a broad knowledge of safety to protect self and co-workers. Persons wishing to enter this trade should have some knowledge of general math, mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, welding, cutting, and burning. He or she must accept working outside, sometimes under unpleasant weather conditions.


General qualifications
  • Age – minimum age is 18.
  • Good physical condition – Must be able to perform work of the trade.
  • A reading, understanding , writing and communicating ability as would enable the applicant to perform the tasks of the construction craft caborer in a safe manner and comprehend the subject matter taught in related instruction.
  • If applicant has not completed high school or its equivalent, the applicant must, if accepted into the program, pursue his or her GED within the first year of the program.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Eligible to work in the United States.
  • Drug test.
Terms of apprenticeship training
  • The term of apprenticeship shall be 4,000 hours (approximately 3 years) of diversified work and training, excluding time spent in related instruction.
  • The apprentice shall attend related instruction classes not less than 144 hour per year, when available. The total instruction hours to successfully complete the classroom and hands-on-training is 432 hours, approximately 11 weeks.
Recommended high school courses
  • General mathematics.
  • English.
  • Vocational skills.

How do I enroll?

First, you need to complete an application by applying online or applying at one of our training facilities. Applicants are required to meet the following entry-level requirements:

  • 18 years old.
  • High school diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma (formerly GED).
  • Valid Indiana driver’s license.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Pass a drug screen.

Once you have completed your application, you will be contacted at a later date for testing and an interview.

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