Help for companies

To become an Indiana Plan signatory contractor, please contact our Indianapolis office for information: (317) 639-4661.

The Indiana Plan exists to help companies hire a diverse and qualified workforce. The Indiana Plan exists to help minorities and women get careers in the union construction industry.

Contractor EEO assistance

The Indiana Plan will assist contractors Signatory to the Indiana Plan with EEO requirements pertaining to the Sixteen Affirmative Actions Steps.

The 16 Steps are required by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

The Indiana Plan can help your company

  1. We provide signatory union construction contractors with the “How to Stay in Compliance” guide for the 16 affirmative-action steps.
  2. Twice a year, we notify 100 recruitment sources statewide on behalf of our signatory contractors.
  3. We mail notices throughout the year reminding you of the monthly activities required to show your commitment to affirmative action.
  4. In January of each year, we remind you to submit a current affirmative action statement for the new year and update the “Appointment of EEO Officers” notice if necessary.
  5. We make certain you are following up on new-hire I-9 forms, EEO-1 reports and Vets 100 reports.
  6. We meet with you once a year to review your affirmative-action statement and discuss goals with supervisory personnel.
  7. If you are notified of an upcoming audit, our staff will review your EEO files and documentation of the 16 affirmative action steps and will attend the audit if desired.
  8. Upon completion of an audit and receipt of the conciliation agreement and findings, our staff will assist you in meeting these findings.
  9. We work with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to hold contractor training sessions to educate your EEO staff on requirements.

Contractor resources

16 affirmative action steps - EO 1126

I-9 form - Employment eligibility verification form.

Vets 100 form - Federal contractor report on veterans employment.